Fast Food Doesn't Need To Be Junk-Food

Updated: Jun 10

Have you noticed how hard it is to eat outside the home and stay in the diet? It is normal, the market was not created thinking of us, but gradually this scenario changes with the help of more conscious companies, who share the same philosophy as us at Mistura Fina Dublin: to offer healthy, fast and tasty food for all hours of the day!

According to a study by the health journal, 45.3% of people who diet have difficulty losing weight and of these, 40.5% say that the lack of time to prepare meals is one of the main reasons to abandon the initiative. That is, what is lacking is time and dedication to take more care of yourself, prepare your own food to keep with the necessary focus to achieve the physical goals you so crave.

It is precisely thinking of giving basis to these people, that companies like Mistura Fina Dublin began to offer quick options and that run away from the traditional fast-food model: full of sodium, saturated fats and preservatives. Our biggest concern is your health and so we create tasty products and it contains the exact amount of nutrients that the body needs. Yes, a savory of ours can entirely replace one of your day's meals!

Want to see a cool option? Then meet our Fitness option.

The flagship of the house, Fit 1 - Broccoli with White Cheese, made with Chicken Pasta with Sweet Potato and Filled with Broccoli with White Cheese .

So, have you had mouthwatering? But the best is yet to come: the Fit 7 - Sweet Banana! It's the dessert you were looking for to stay focused, without having to give up eating that fundamental sweetie to keep the mood!

It is made with all that is good: Fit 7 - Sweet Banana, made with Sweet Potato Pasta with Whey Protein Isolated and filled with Sweet Banana, Cinnamon, and Oats . You want more than to satisfy that will without getting out of line?!

Enjoy and check the site, all products and nutritional values. Try our Fitness Line and delight every day!